Are you an avid YouTube fan who spends hours a day browsing through the endless entertainment provided by this video hosting website by Google? If you are, then you would surely have despaired at the amount of data that is eaten up by your favorite pastime. Being in the range of Wi-Fi hotspots help; but not when you are away from it. But that does not deter the determined ones amongst us from using youtube music downloader to download and listen to their favorite music as many times as they wish.

We took some help from experts in to learn more about the different techniques employed by the YouTube addicts to overcome this hurdle. Google prefers its viewers watching the videos on its platform rather than downloading videos and songs from YouTube. It has, over the years, added several useful features like saving the videos offline for later viewing.

Downloading Videos Offline Google has made provisions to help you watch videos by downloading them offline temporarily. This arrangement was made in 2014. But by 2016, they introduced a small fee for using this feature through a paid version of YouTube called YouTube Red. You can always use that and enjoy your music and videos legally. If you must absolutely download it but don’t feel like paying for it, there are still ways to do it.

Let’s first see the system allowed by Google – the offline downloading. This allows the videos to be saved on your android device for viewing later. The videos that support this feature will display a down arrow indicating that it is available to be downloaded offline. Unfortunately, this feature is now available only for YouTube Red subscribers. All you need to do is tap on the arrow, choose the resolution you would like to save the video in and you are good to go. The menu bar on the left will have a Watch later/Offline on its list. Select that to see the videos you have downloaded offline.

Downloading Using Apps If you want your all-time favorite videos to be downloaded permanently, then there is a way. There are many apps that can copy the content from YouTube directly to your device. Remember though that many of these apps are quickly removed from the Google Play Store and may not be available currently. Websites like and are mostly used to download videos.

All you need to do is tap on the three-dotted Share button while playing the video and select “Copy the URL” from the pop-up list. Go to the websites mentioned above and paste this link there. They will deliver the full video clip and MP3 music to save to your device within seconds.

Play It Safe Most of the video downloader apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. Do not get any app which claims to do this task from anywhere else as they are not considered safe. Using the sites mentioned above are safer bets.

Download your favorite videos and music and enjoy them without having to worry about your data or internet connection.

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