LED Light

Growing cannabis in your own grow area has become a widely popular practice now. We have quite a few aids to facilitate the growth such as LED lights, soil, etc. Everything is as perfect as it would be in a natural environment. The best lights for growing weed indoors are from companies like Kind LEDs, BiparSpectra, GalaxyHydro and Advanced Platinum. According to www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/20-medical-benefits-marijuana-you-probably-never-knew.html when buying grow lights, it must be made by a reputed company, or it will not be advantageous. We will tell you more about the various types of indoor lights that will help you grow cannabis indoors.

Best Solution For Indoor Cannabis
You must choose LED lights if you want a cutting-edge solution to indoor cannabis plantation. Spend some time researching about the various types of cannabis growing LED lights available in the market. Once you determine what the most popular brands in this field are, you can proceed with the purchase. Initially, when setting up the lights of the grow-area, you will incur some additional expenses. Instead of concentrating more on the power or wattage of the bulb concentrate on its quality. Many people will suggest you that CFL does the same work for growing cannabis and you can purchase them.

However, we have a slightly differing opinion. LEDs produce much less heat than a CFL hence they are more protective to your plants. CFL will require almost a daily adjustment which is not needed with LED lights. CFL lights can be beneficial to you if the growing area is pretty huge. LED lights need to be placed slightly far away from the plants. Hence if you have minimal space for cannabis growth, do not use LED lights. When you use LEDs, then you must make sure that you use the one with an extra cooling option such as a heat sink or a cooling fan.

Check The Power
It is essential that you understand how to use the LED lights in the growing area for your cannabis plantation. The most preferred LEDs are ones with 3W chipsets. They seem to give the best yield without any worries of the plants getting burnt due to excessive light. When purchasing an LED light, you must look at the actual power that it will use. Generally, a LED panel should be around 50-60 watts per square foot of your growing area. To avoid any significant problems with the LED keep a check on your plants. If you see minor burns on the leaves of the cannabis plant, you must change the LED setup.

The light must be kept at least 12 to 18 feet away from the plants. LED usage needs to be done very carefully; Any single mistake can damage the plants in no time. Like we said earlier, ViparSpectra is one of the most popular LED company. Consult your friends to help you understand the setup norms of LED lights for cannabis growth. By following only a few easy steps, you will be able to set up your own cannabis growing are.

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